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Working With Us

We believe in a team approach; and working enthusiastically, hand-in-hand with our clients. The following information is intended to help you understand who we are, and to help you decide if we might be a good match for your household.



We love the challenge of architecturally driven projects and have developed our staff and systems around the specific needs of this type of work. The sophistication of this process is evident in our highly detailed designs, and attention to every detail.






Our firm, like every household, has strong ideals and a distinct personality. Put simply, the question to ask is: “Do our values align?” Our clients tend to share our commitment to quality materials, and to craftsmanship that transcends utility to become art. Just as we value a neat and orderly job site, our clients tend to value an organized and artful home. We do our best work with clients who are actively engaged in the project at every step and believe a constant cycle of communication is critical to project success and a positive remodeling experience. 




Having made the decision to improve your home, it is only natural to be eager to start. We appreciate and share that eagerness too – but art and craftsmanship take time. Every project benefits from our thoughtful and deliberate design process. That way, when we start construction, we can proceed smoothly with few delays and complete your project – on time and on budget.  

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