a wide bathroomIf you have a long, narrow bath in your home, you’re not alone. The main bath of a house is often designed and built like this, with no extra space available to physically widen the room later on. If the narrowness is giving you claustrophobia, you still have options for a simple bathroom remodel that will make space feel wider. The key is to fool the eyes while maintaining a sense of style.

Color Palette

Keep the color palette of the room neutral. Simple colors make a space flow better. Smooth, white cabinets and a white, quartz counter with a bit of sparkle work well. Consider using a splash of delicate blue for your towels and decorator items to infuse additional interest in the room. White floor tiles with a simple design will keep the area from looking too stark. The design should stretch from one side to the other so space appears wider. If white doesn’t work for you, a light sandy hue is also a good option.


For your cabinets, consider not using handles or pull knobs on the doors and drawers if possible. A flat, even appearance will make the room appear wider. It will also prevent you from running into the protuberances while moving back and forth in the room. Keeping the countertop clear of clutter will also make the room appear wider, so put away what you can. You don’t want anything stopping the flow of the space.

Glass & Mirrors

Using glass shelving above the toilet keeps the space open while adding storage beyond your under-the-sink cabinets. You can fold and keep extra towels here or use the shelves for decorator items. If you have double sinks, one large mirror over the sinks, rather than two smaller mirrors, often works better in a narrow room. The mirror will reflect more light, which will make the room appear to have more depth.

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