As our homes become more and more energy efficient and the exterior building envelope gets more and more tightly sealed, indoor air quality becomes a major concern. Think of it this way; have you ever been in an old home on a cold day and felt a draft? Though this draft is horrible for home efficiency, it is hugely beneficial to air quality because that draft brings fresh air into the home and creates circulation (air movement).

ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers) has developed Standard 62.2 which establishes some minimum requirements for creating constant air movement throughout our homes. Studies by the American Lung Association and EPA have shown that poor indoor air quality can pose serious threats to our respiratory health.

The good news is maintaining healthy indoor air quality is a relatively simple endeavor, thanks to some new bath fan technologies. Manufacturers like Panasonic, Broan-Nutone, and Air King have developed ” smart fans” that can serve the dual purpose of exhausting moist bathroom air as well as managing your home’s indoor air quality. Running at near in-audible sound levels and very low constant speed, these fans consume minimal energy while cycling air throughout our super-sealed and insulated homes.

As you improve the efficiency of your home, incorporate this low impact solution to maintain the air you, your family, and your home “breathe”.

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