yellow houseSince 1981, Pagenstecher Group has been designing and building elegant, thoughtful residential renovations throughout MD, DC, and VA. Our team approach and thorough process make us an industry leader, while our commitment to serving our clients ensures the success of every project. Pagenstecher Group is unique within the remodeling industry. Our sophisticated, full-service process guides clients through every step of their renovation; from initial design thru finished construction. This collaborative process allows clients to tap into the expertise of our team while incorporating their own ideas and aesthetic. Like a finely tailored garment, there is no “one size fits all solution.”

Our Process:

Remodeling is a complex endeavor and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Do not fear! Our process is geared towards simplifying even the most complex project. With communication and transparency, we work with you to select every material, review every detail, and answer every question… before the first nail is driven on site. Let’s look at our process in greater detail.

Initial Consultation:

Remodeling is a partnership. Each participant must have trust and confidence in one another for the project to succeed. Think of the initial consultation as the vetting process. A potential client will always speak to a member of Pagenstecher Group’s ownership team. This is our first interaction, so it’s a time to get to know one another. We want to learn about you and your home along with the project goals and budgets. As a prospective client, you will likely have questions about us and our process, and we welcome the interaction.

Preliminary Design:

If at the end of the initial consultation both parties feel comfortable pursuing the project together, we will enter into an Architectural Services Agreement and begin design. Preliminary design is an interactive process where clients work together with our architectural staff to develop a conceptual plan. Once a preliminary plan is approved, Pagenstecher Group develops and presents a budget for the approved design. Though not a final quote for construction, this information allows clients to make decisions on cost and scope of work early in the process.

Construction Drawings:

Once the preliminary design and budget have been approved, Pagenstecher Group will continue to fine-tune design details and develop the technical drawings necessary for permits and construction. At the same time, our staff will guide clients through the process of material and finish selections. From cabinetry and countertops down to the smallest of details like; doorknobs and light switches, our team coordinates every detail and product selection for the project. Once all drawings and selections are complete, Pagenstecher Group develops the Final Estimate for construction, contracts are signed, and permit drawings are filed in prep for construction.


The time spent planning is about to pay off, and construction is underway. All decisions have been made so work can progress smoothly without delay. Clients can go about their daily lives while we manage every aspect of the construction. A weekly meeting on site is the only time commitment we request of our clients during construction. This brief meeting keeps everyone apprised of job progress and the upcoming schedule for work. It also facilitates continued communication to ensure our clients remain informed and enthusiastic as their project takes shape. With a culture guided by teamwork and customer service, Pagenstecher Group endeavors to create a “positive remodeling experience” for every client throughout every step of the process. We proudly stand behind the creativity and craftsmanship or our work, but it’s the relationships we build with our clients that are our greatest reward.

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