bathroom remodeling facts

Renovating a home has always been something many homeowners have done throughout the years. As houses age, so do homeowners, and many want to change their surroundings. Renovation and designs are perfectly feasible. In fact, they are very much popular personal projects nowadays. In a 2013 survey, for example, 84% of homeowners plan on redecorating their homes; 40% plan on remodeling or expanding their homes; and 10% plan on building their very own custom-built home. Home renovation and design aren’t exclusive to the ultra-wealthy at all. Fifty-three percent of homeowners, rich and poor alike, agree that now is a good time to build or remodel their homes.

All areas of a house are fair-game when it comes to redecorating. Of all the home design and renovations, however, bathroom and kitchen projects are the most popular. Specifically, 78% of all renovations are done on bathrooms. A close second, kitchen projects account for 69% of renovations projects. Patios and decks are also top home renovations, and they are particularly popular with homes in warmer climates and nature-loving homeowners in general.

One thing to keep in mind about home renovation is that, if anything, they are more likely to increase in demand. As baby boomers continue to age and eventually retire, renovation and design projects geared toward accessibility will become more popular. From open floor plans and roll-in showers to floating sinks and wheelchair ramps, renovation projects will most likely flourish in the foreseeable future, which is good news for both baby boomers as well as renovation companies throughout the country.

From simple construction projects in your bathroom to full-scale remodeling for better accessibility, </whole-house-renovation”>renovation and design projects can be found in homes throughout the country. There is little doubt about the future of such projects. Whether you decide to take on one yourself is a different matter. Feel free to leave a comment or question at the bottom to find out more.