“Thinking outside of the Box”

It seems everywhere I turn, I am constantly reminded of the downturn in the current economy. Instead of talking about how bad things are, I would instead like to share a bit of optimism. I see this downturn in the market as a great opportunity for architects to be “CREATIVE”. Exquisite design and quality construction should not be limited only to projects with unlimited budgets. This requires a concerted effort from professionals within the architecture and construction industry.

We must task ourselves with effectively guiding clients through the design process, and thoroughly explaining how every decision affects their budget. We must challenge our own preconceptions about design, looking for economical solutions that do not sacrifice intent. These challenges do not hinder us; instead, they fuel creativity and lead us to superior design solutions.

We must also use trade professionals and the ever-expanding web to search out cost-effective materials and products that do not sacrifice quality. This again provides us with a great opportunity. Simple materials, when detailed and installed properly, can produce magazine-quality results without breaking a client’s budget.

Opportunity is all around us. With effort and ingenuity, we can prosper and improve ourselves and our homes… if we just “think outside of the box”.