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It’s time to sell your home, and you place it on the market during the holidays! Here are some tips for you to make the most out of this colorful season and increase your selling advantage.

Simple Christmas Décor

Keep your décor simple and classic with lights, wreaths, ribbon and natural elements. Clean up your yard and use the branches in your décor. Place them in pots and string them with lights and hanging snowflakes. Voila!

Get Crafty

If you have window boxes that have no flowers during cold months, be sure to fill them with Christmas tree clippings, pine branches, and holly. Garden hooks for summer plants can now be used for baskets of pine cones. Wrap greenery around mailboxes and string white lights through shrubbery and around porch banisters. Be sure to go easy on the array of décor when working with your entryway.


Wreaths can add a nice welcoming touch to the buyer. A homemade wreath can add even more interest. Use the branches that were cut from your live Christmas tree, or visit a craft store for pine garland. Assemble the branches into a circular shape, and attach leaves, holly, ribbons, and baubles of holiday colors. This bright spot of color will definitely invite the visitor to your door!

Tricky Christmas Lights

Holiday lights on a house can be tricky. Too few and they appear as an afterthought. Too many and it looks like you are competing with your neighbors. If you are unsure about how to hang lights properly or just don’t have the time, consider hiring a professional. These experts can reduce your stress and provide a more visually appealing display.

Consider these tips and ideas to help you maintain your curb appeal through the holiday season.