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Whole House Renovation

Is your house looking a little worse for the wear? Are you starting to think about moving? Your new house may be hidden right before your very own eyes. The design and construction team at Pagenstecher Group specialize in whole house renovations. More than just cosmetic upgrades, a whole house renovation can completely transform a house both inside and out!

Some people love older homes because they have a unique character and a level of detail you rarely find in new construction. But they may have some shortcomings as well. Older homes are typically quite compartmentalized. The collection of rooms are often undersized and lack the openness popular with today’s lifestyle.

If you own an older home, a whole house renovation can create a more open plan without sacrificing the homes unique character. Removing unnecessary walls can make a dramatic impact to the function and flow of an older home. Let us show you the opportunities that lie hidden within you home.

Some people may prefer newer construction homes because of their casual style and open plans. However new homes often lack the craftsmanship and charm found in an older home. Believe it or not, some newer homes can be too open with no separation of space.

If you own a newer construction home, a whole house renovation can implement one-of-a-kind- details that add character to your home making it stand out from the crowd. For example, unique floor and ceiling treatments can better define spaces without sacrificing the open plan. Creative solutions like this can reinvent the look and feel of your home and we can guide you through the process.


Inherent in all of our work is our commitment to “serving” our clients. Every renovation project impacts the daily functions of a household. We appreciate and understand that some standard of normalcy must be maintained throughout the renovation process. Our experienced team of licensed architects and skilled craftsmen work tirelessly to create a positive experience for our clients from start to finish. Through open lines of communication and a steadfast commitment to our process, we minimize disruptions to the daily routines of our clients.

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