We have all seen countless advertisements on HGTV, for their “dream homes”. It’s an enticing sales pitch. A uniquely designed, fully decorated home, on a picturesque site.

Who wouldn’t want that?

Well, I see every home as a “dream home” waiting to be realized. Far too often we focus on the negative aspects of our homes, instead of looking for opportunity and potential. Intoxicated by television and print images, we “dream” of someday aspiring to have this or that, and it usually looks nothing like what we currently have. As an architect who has devoted himself to remodeling homes, I love showing clients that their “dream home” is right in front of them.

So what is it about these “dream homes” that make them so appealing? To me, it’s the attention to detail. Every space is tailored like a custom garment. Architectural detail is not sacrificed, it is celebrated. For many, the images flashing across their television screen define “home”. You can have this too! And you don’t need to move to the wine country of Sonoma, California.

Your house should be more than just a roof over your head. It should be unique. “Dream homes” evolve from the collaborative efforts of professional architects, master builders, and trusting homeowners. Let me show you how to make your “dream home” a REALITY.

We specialize in transforming older homes from ordinary to Extraordinary.