If the outside of your home looks old or under maintained, there’s no better time to think about remodeling than the present. A 2013 Houzz survey reported that 84% of respondents were planning on redecorating, 40% planned on remodeling, and 10% were in the process of building their own custom home. There are a variety of different home improvement projects that can create an instantly updated home exterior. Here are some house renovation design remodeling ideas that will vastly improve your home’s curb appeal.


If your yard is unkempt or uncoordinated, it will likely overshadow the better features of the house. Before you start to update your physical home, take a look at your front yard and entryway. Simply cutting the grass, raking up leaves, and trimming your trees and bushes can automatically make your house more appealing. Move your trash into the back, or store it in the garage where the neighbors can’t see.

New Siding

Old, worn siding can contribute up to 10% of home value loss, and can make the outside of your home look dirty and unkempt. Replacing your siding can freshen up the outside of your home, and will increase its value immediately. For a contemporary, innovative look, try applying different types of siding to your home’s exterior to create different textures.

Patios and Decks

Although homeowners annually build about twice as many patios as they do decks, both outdoor projects are a great addition to any home. With the ever-increasing love of outdoor living, this trend is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. Try adding other features that can be enjoyed outdoors, such as a bar or fire pit.

Front Door Makeover

A new door can add a fresh, new look to the front of your home. For a low-cost fix, try painting the door a bright color, which will create an eye-catching pop. Or, if your door is old, consider installing a newer door that matches your home’s unique style.