The Pagenstecher Group has brought ease to client’s minds for many years by allowing their designing and building processes to be transparent to any homeowner for which they work.

They also allow a homeowner to have their thoughts and desires to be incorporated into their home remodel, kitchen remodel, or whole house renovation.

With clients getting exactly the finished product in which they desire, combined with high-quality work that lasts, it is no wonder why the Pagenstecher Group is referred by a client after client to anyone who will listen.

Review #1:

“Having lived in our new kitchen, and porch addition for a few weeks, I have some thoughts I’d like to offer.

Looking back at the decision-making phase of the project, I have the greatest respect for the way your company shepherds clients. For someone with no confidence in making design decisions, both large and small, your presence and professional judgment and that of Mike’s as we made each of those decisions was absolutely critical.

For someone who wants to make the “perfect” choice each time, you narrowed those choices down and made them manageable. And most important, for someone who has a rather particular style sense, you quickly identified that sense and thus were able to help me make choices that I would be content with. I probably needed more guidance than many, and you were unbelievably patient and generous with your time, expertise, and advice.

Bottom line: your sensitivity to a client’s individual needs, desires, and inclinations when it comes to making design decisions is exceptional. As a result, we have a kitchen and a porch that exceeds our highest expectations. Both Eric and I think it is perfect, and that may be one of the only things we have ever completed, 100%, agreed on in the 31 years of our marriage! The design and architectural work are absolutely brilliant.

During the construction phase of the project, I can say without hesitation that the Pagenstecher Group is far superior to any firm in our experience. This, as I have said, is all due to your team. Here is just some of what we found and appreciated at each step along the way: superior artistry and craftsmanship; meticulous attention to every detail; apparently seamless management of the process and all of the subcontractors involved; consistently strong and effective communication, beginning with the all-important weekly meetings (which I miss); complete clarity with regard to budget and costs; and guidance that was always, without exception, in our interest as clients.

It strikes me that we also benefited tremendously from your long years of experience in the design/remodeling business here in Washington. The subcontractors and vendors with whom you have long-standing relationships are clearly the best in the business, just as you are. We had complete confidence in their integrity and in the quality of their work. And all of them, clearly, had the highest respect for your company and the way you do business.

I have been struck over the last several weeks with the consistency of our friends’ reactions to our new space. Each one has been stunned. Each one has struggled to describe how completely amazing the transformation is. They want to spend time taking it all in, and commenting upon every detail. There is a lot of good work out there, I am sure. But sheer excellence is something completely different. I would say to anyone who asked for a recommendation: If you are going to take the plunge and undergo a home renovation, you MUST use the Pagenstecher Group. There is no reason to look anywhere else.”

Satisfied Client, Bethesda, MD

Review #2:

“We worked with Mike on a small but tricky project: finding more kitchen table seating space for a family of four tall people and increasing storage for our coats and other mudroom-type items. Mike enthusiastically worked with us, even though it wasn’t a big job. He had to deal with tight space limitations and other issues with our almost 100-year-old row house.

He transformed the way we live in this area of the house by designing a beautiful custom table with built-in seating and drawers, fixing our HVAC concerns and installing shelves and hooks that help keep us organized. At every step, he and his team addressed our questions and concerns and were creative and efficient in their work. All our future home renovations will be with the Pagenstecher Group.”

Satisfied Client, Washington, DC