Heavy snow can really test your home’s performance. Mysterious leaks appear at windows and doors, gutters fall down, heating systems underperform… these are just a few of the problems that homeowners encounter after a major winter storm. And none of them need to happen. If you have experienced any problems with your home during the recent record snow, I urge you to discuss them with us right away. Your roofer, heating and air-conditioning firm, or handyman – regardless of their integrity and professionalism – will naturally focus on their particular area of expertise; and they may not see the larger picture.

Houses are complex structures, and the solutions to cold weather problems often lie deeper than may first appear. It is important to address the underlying problem and not just fix the immediate damage – or you may face even greater damage in future storms.

We invite you to take advantage of our knowledge base and experience. As you work through these problems, you are welcome to call on us for free advice and direction. A correct diagnosis is a first and most important step to a long-term solution.